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Most of the Good Men are too self-centred or too afraid to stand up for the right against the wrong. "It's none of my business," they say. "There's nothing I can do. Notfiing I can do would make any difference." Excuses.  Everything you do makes a difference. Everything you do and say and think, makes a difference to everyone

around you.  Whether you want to or not, you have an influence on those around you, and that influence will be either good or bad. And you are responsible for it. The good things you do, you are responsible for. The bad things you do, you are responsible for, and you are responsible for the good things which you fail to do and which you ought to do.


There are so many men of good intentions in the world that, if all the people who believe in goodness, in peace, in honesty, in fair dealing and in compassion, were to take their strength and courage, the world would be transformed, most of the evil, suffering, sorrow, dishonesty and cruelty in the world would disappear. In order that Evil shall triumph, it is sufficient that Good Men do nothing. We must never allow this to happen. We must do everything we can to prevent it. 

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