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We believe that the goal of education is, or should be, the development of the spiritual man:  that

part of each one of us which, with development and training, is capable of a vision or direct apprehension of the purpose of life, of the true nature of ourselves, of the world in which we live and of states of being as may exist besides. 

John Corlette, July 1973, JohnCorlette.com   




Very little of we do is haphazard, or done because other people do it or somebody has said it ought to be done that

way.   Everything we do has been thought out with reference to our basic aim and developed from first principles. When new problems or questions arise, we seek solutions within the same context.  We ask, "Is the solution consistent with our basic aim and principles?"

 John Corlette

We have a grading system for "the whole man."  It charts the development of the student's character, sense

of responsibility, maturity and general development in relation to the basic standards of conduct and morality.  This assessment is absolutely basic to the idea of education.  It may be objected that an assessment of this kind must necessarily be subjective and therefore unfair. Of course it is subjective, but so are all our judgments.   

John Corlette

Absolutely essential is a positive and loving relationship with all other people regardless of

their origin, background or beliefs, and a positive and loving relationship with everything in the world and in the universe around us.

John Corlette


Download the set of four posters   FREE