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John C. Corlette was an English architect, a one-time teacher at Gordonstoun (UK) with an interest in Eastern/Indian (Vedic) philosophy. In 1949, he founded Aiglon College. The school's shield is below. Both it and and the motto "In God we trust" were of his design.

Early life

Corlette attended Stowe school in England and the headmaster suggested that he might want to try a school in Switzerland where the weather was drier (Corlette suffered from pneumonia).   This was how Corlette was introduced to the town of Chesieres, where the small school was located.  
(Source:  C. Reynolds.  Coincidence:  in 1949, when Corlette opened the school, the headmaster at Stowe School approached Christopher Reynolds and said, "One of our old boys is starting a school in Switzerladn.  It might be just the place for you."  That's how Corlette got his first student -- through a school network.)


John Corlette was working as an architect to refurbish and adapt Gordonstoun to the new use as a school.  Kurt Hahn invited him to become a teacher there.  That's what spurred Corlette to eventually return to university to get a degree in education. 
(Source:  C. Reynolds)

Additional memories of Corlette appear on a web site maintained by alumni of the school that Corlette founded.  The web site is myAiglon.com and the Corlette link is http://sites.google.com/site/myaiglon/Home/john-corlette 

The link to Corlette's writings (including a speech given in June 1973) is www.JohnCorlette.com .  

The official website of the school is www.Aiglon.ch 
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