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Writings by John Corlette             THE SPEECH from 1973

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Poster:  Guideline to Conduct

Procedures to imbue your school 
with Corlette's philosophy


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Notes taken from the Alumni Oral History Project
(see myAiglon.com )

Unofficial Theme for the Gathering
Veni Vidi Roma in May 2011....

When we're together, the years fall away. 

Isn't that what matters?

To have someone who can remember with you.  

(Judy Blume)

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Bahman Azarm, Catamount Project in upstate New York (ziplines in trees)
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Message from Jeremy:

A good read and a privilege to have enjoyed and benefited from that original vision,  ...we are once again under a blanket of snow.  All the best, Jeremy.
PS  Here is a life changing poem I learned from a wonderful Dutch woman who spent the war in Auschwitz. Corrie Ten Boom.  You can google her.


Between gleams of hope and clouds of doubt

My feelings come and go.

My best estate is tossed about,

By ceaseless ebb and flow.

No mood, nor thought, nor feeling

Remain constant for a day.

But Thou Oh Lord, Thou changeth  not,

Thou art the same always.


Thy mighty strength I make my own,

My heart with peace is blest.

I loose my grip, and then come down

Darkness and clouds unrest.

Let me know more my comfort

From my frail hold of  Thee.

But in this alone rejoice with awe

                           Thy mighty hold of me.

the blanket of snow...
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WELCOME page     PART 2
A series of 5 videos about Moodie Ali Egal and Bahman Azarm
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Connections between JC and Round Square

Conversations With JC (a book project)

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Welcome to a web page created by several students who knew John Corlette in the 1960s and 1970s.  

The materials on this site were collected by opening the email at JohnCorlette@gmail.com (materials sent to this address by other Aiglonites) and from various books, such as the pale blue Meditations book published in 1989, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the school.

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Get the Aiglon Rule book

From: Iain Barraclough <iain.barraclough@gmail.com>
Date: February 21, 2011 4:39:35 AM EST
Subject: {Aiglon College alumni group} Aiglon College Rule Book (1964-1967)
If you are interested, I have just scanned a hardcopy of the Aiglon College Rule Book and put it up for you to view/download. I was at Aiglon from 1964-1967, so I don't know what the rule book might have looked like before/after then.

If you forward the link to anyone, they too will be able to use it to view/download the document: 
Aiglon College Rule Book (1964-1967).pdf
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A volunteer compiled two audio CDs, Meditations Volume 1 and "Two Anecdotes"
You can view videos at some youtube channels

The audio CDs are not connected to the JC Society.

If you would like to join the JC Society, go to JohnCorlette.com, read the 1973 speech, then email your thoughts to JohnCorlette@gmaill.com

Some videos to look at...

If you hear of other channels, contact JohnCorlette at Gmail dot com  or write to Rocdorsay AT gmail dot com

Link to this display of Skyns

can you see a positive word inside the name SKYESKYNS?

Clive Hartwelll

Protecting the web by Erik Friedl

Kiss the Animals goodbye

Power of Compassion
Presented by the John Corlette Society on Youtube

Patterns of Abuse:  exploding the cycle
Presented by the John Corlette Society on Youtube

Aiglon 1971 the first Aiglon Film

Clive Hartwell meditation from Skye

The Rule Book part 1

The Rule Book part 2, Rank System
Distinguish between the 20%  ... show the contribution and community spirit to ... reintroduce the concept.

Whitsunday, TS

The list of tracks on an audio CD called "Meditations volume 1"

This audio CD is available by writing to the JC Society.

If you would like to contribute to the 

Our Lives are what we make of them...  read by Christopher Reynolds

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Chesieres or Villars?  Which one do you prefer?   Lausanne or Geneve?