John Clemenza on Surfing, Health and Fitness, New York, and More

John Clemenza is a surfer who dreams of going pro someday. He is your typical 18-year-old (he lives in Oahu) who loves the ocean and the peaceful and laidback life on the island. But he also hopes to live in the big city someday—ideally after he goes pro and has more resources to sustain city living. And since he's planning on moving to New York, he knows he's got a lot of saving to do!

Having been surfing all his life, John Clemenza knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After all, it does him no good if he can't keep up with the competition; and keeping up with the competition means training daily, and having the strength and stamina to stay on his board when he's riding wave after wave after wave.

With that said, the reader can expect posts from John Clemenza that talk about his passion, which is surfing; as well as healthy living (health and fitness), and New York. He has visited the city a couple of times—and only for short visits—so his firsthand knowledge of New York is still rather limited. But he hopes to remedy that someday, as he would like nothing more than to be able to share his life in the Big Apple to his readers, sooner rather than later.

As a health and fitness advocate, John Clemenza says that the sooner you get started on living a healthy lifestyle, the better. He cannot emphasize enough the benefits that one can enjoy from living healthy. In a nutshell, a healthy lifestyle benefits your mind and body, and a healthy mind and body are essential to living a happy, fulfilled and contented life.

As a surfer, John Clemenza looks up to Kelly Slater, Granger Larsen, and his all-around hero Duke Kahanamoku. Each of these world-renowned surfers has made their mark in the world  in surfing but & all other aspects of life. Their discipline, love for the sport, their pursuit of excellence, and their humility amidst all the perks of fame and fortune are traits that are worth emulating, says John Clemenza. If he could achieve even half of what his heroes achieved, then he knows he can look back someday and truly feel in his heart that he has lived a fulfilled life.

As for his desire to live in NYC, it grew from his short visits to the city. He felt that there's so much more to discover and learn about the city, and when the time comes, he would like to enjoy every minute of it. If you're a native New Yorker, John would like nothing more than to hear about your adventures there! He would also appreciate any tips you can share about living in the city.

John Clemenza will be sharing more of his experiences in surfing, his advice on healthy living, and thoughts about New York on his blog page. You are encouraged to visit the page now to start reading!