Prisoner of War (1939-1945)

Prison Camp Photographs
by J.D.Chew

     German Guards at the main gate ever 
       searching for forbidden items when 
      entering from outside working parties.

Schubin Church

Roll Call, held twice a day, at Thure Camp near Schubin. 
This sometimes took hours in teeming rain and heavy snow

Cobblers Workshop in Lodz

John Chew (bottom of ladder) Lodz

1st Photograph sent home

During the Summer of 1940 the camp potato squad had to sort
 the edible from rotten potatoes from a putrid store. 
They were made into a sour tasting soup that produced gastric troubles.

These are the Cemetery Gates outside the village of Schubin 
25 of our deceased chums were buried here. 
In the absence of any Padre or British Officers 
Pte J.D.Chew officiated at the graveside.

Funeral in Schubin Camp

Woodwork Shop in Lodz

Christmas 1942 in Polson

JDC before capture