Prisoner of War (1939-1945)

Letters Home
by J.D.Chew

These letters home were sent between 3rd July 1940 and 17th December 1944.

Link to LetterDate writtenCampLocationContents
Letter 0109/06/1940TravellingTravellingAnother brief note, travelling east, request ointment.
Letter 02Recd 288/4TravellingTravellingHope you got my first letter, kit blown up, send food parcels.
Letter 0303/07/1940Stalag XXIBSchubinBusy in hospital, you can now send parcels
Letter 0420/09/1940Stalag XXIBSchubin1st four weeks tough, work in hospital, acting as padre for funeral.
Letter 0525/09/1940Stalag XXIBSchubinPut on weight, Fathers parting words, Service in the small church
Letter 0608/11/1940Stalag XXIBSchubinNew Address Card XXI.B.H.
Letter 0701/10/1940Stalag XXIBSchubinInstruction on letters to PoWs
Letter 0808/11/1940Stalag XXIBSchubin20 letters, Mother's birthday, would like new uniforms
Letter 0901/12/1940Stalag XXIBSchubinStill working in camp hospital, cold in main corridor
Letter 1022/01/1941Stalag XXIBThureVaried xmas, 34 letters, sell car if you wish
Letter 1118/02/1941Stalag XXIBThure70 letters, mild winter, few requirements
Letter 1228/02/1941Stalag XXIBThure2 parcels from Arthur & Gertie in NY, 200 cigs,
Letter 1321/03/1941Stalag XXIBThure3rd parcel from NY, running social evenings, small garden
Letter 1402/04/1941Stalag XXIBThure110 letters 5 parcels, work out of camp, Toch H socials
Letter 1505/06/1941Stalag XXIBThurePhil's letter a shock
Letter 1616/06/1941Stalag XXIBThureMotor courses, on entertainment committee, have concert hall
Letter 1728/07/1941Stalag XXIBThureHymn book from Father, citizens of post war state
Letter 1818/08/1941Stalag XXIBThureIndexing 190 letters, Mary Stopes book, garden spoilt by builders
Letter 1909/08/1941Stalag XXIBThureReceived photo of M+F, hymn and bible.
Letter 19a15/09/1941Stalag XXIBThureDay before birthday, new issue of army kit, more photos coming
Letter 19b29/09/1941Stalag XXIASchildbergChange of camp to XXIA
Letter 2020/10/1941Stalag XXIASchildbergWorking on farm, photo of JDC in concert with axe
Letter 2102/11/1941Stalag XXIASchildbergBroken razor
Letter 2208/12/1941Stalag XXIASchildbergBoxing photo, Letter to Father
Letter 2328/12/1941Stalag XXIASchildbergLarge training college, photo of concert party
Letter 2403/02/1942Stalag XXIANichmereoffe30 degrees frost, parcels by sleigh
Letter 2510/02/1942Stalag XXIANichmereoffeWarm stove, 2 or 3 gathered together.
Letter 2618/02/1942Stalag XXIANichmereoffeAnother parcel from N.Y. Arranging social programme.
Letter 2723/02/1942Stalag XXIANichmereoffeHobby - mending watches
Letter 2815/03/1942Stalag XXIANichmereoffeRec 40 letter & parcel, (not)enclose photo with Frank Riddle.
Letter 2929/03/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSpring flowers, £25 from paymaster, £5 to Mother.
Letter 3027/04/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzGetting tanned, good spirits
Letter 3114/04/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzMary's Father died.
Letter 3210/05/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzLetters from Phil.
Letter 3324/05/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzElected 'Man of Confidence'
Letter 3407/06/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzTwo years in camp, Making rockery.
Letter 3512/07/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSmall photo in garden, John Townsend, Thomas Willsden.
Letter 3610/08/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzFrank Riddle, Mary in Wrexham, NY parcels, Latin quotations
Letter 3723/08/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 Lodz360 letters from 60 friends. Photos of Spot, Frinton & Wrexham.
Letter 3820/09/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzBirthday, parcels, J.T. cake, harvest service, good tempered guards.
Letter 3918/10/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzRecreation room, shaved head, 3 years PoW.
Letter 4012/10/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzWorking in glass shop, preparing for xmas concert.
Letter 4108/11/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSunday evening service, Walk with J.T. for weekly chat.
Letter 41a14/11/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzFrom J. T. - JDC camp padre - Asst producer - other chum Peter
Letter 4214/12/1942Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzLarge town, trams, busy with concert, chum Chappell, photo of band
Letter 4302/01/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzDrawing of Happy, wonderful Xmas and concert.
Letter 4419/01/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSlippers, would like band music records, Stalag icing.
Letter 4528/02/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzConcert 'While Parents Sleep', clothing parcel No.9
Letter 4607/02/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzPhoto of Concert, JDC centre right behind boy with glasses
Letter 47MissingMissingMissingLetter Missing
Letter 4822/03/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzGramophone, Daffodils, Foursome family & Seed Cake.
Letter 4911/04/1943Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzChange of camp name XXID (see20/6/43), Cold.
Letter 5005/05/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzPoor attendances at services
Letter 5122/04/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzNew address Stalag XXI D
Letter 5225/04/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzNotes about the medical services
Letter 5309/05/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzReceived records, visit from YMCA rep.
Letter 5416/05/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzSports stadium tennis & swimming
Letter 5520/06/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzAbout camp name change, wives & girlfriends
Letter 5618/07/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzConcert Party Photo, visit from Swiss
Letter 5715/08/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzTable manners, diving & rugby
Letter 5826/09/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzHymns & shoulder in plaster
Letter 5903/10/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzCracked shoulder, German doctor, studio photo, photo of Anne
Letter 6007/11/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzShoulder fit again, harvest service (records), about Mary.
Letter 6119/12/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzXmas decorations, dentist, Frank Riddle
Letter 6212/12/1943Stalag XXIDH.K.P.20 LodzMary met Frank Riddle
Letter 6301/02/1944Stalag XIIDGenshagenYMCA rest camp, sleep not regular, running as exercise
Letter 6424/01/1944Stalag XIIDGenshagenSeveral hundred miles journey, holiday camp, Methodist padre.
Letter 6504/03/1944Stalag XIIDGenshagenLeaving holiday soon, visits for palace in Potsdam & stadium
Letter 6628/02/1944Stalag XIIDGenshagenParcel No.12, missing photo of room group & ball dress
Letter 6714/02/1944Stalag XIIDGenshagenNo mail, model making, watch mending, arguments at meals
Letter 6826/03/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzParcel 13, 1,500 miles travel, less tired checked by M.O.
Letter 6909/04/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzEaster Sunday afternoon, remembering home
Letter 7002/04/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzShedding colds, boils (no fresh food)
Letter 7116/04/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzIn old room with 31 others, Description of camp routine
Letter 7215/05/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSpring weather, Mr & Mrs Carr, interior decorating, annual x-rays
Letter 7301/06/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzSunbathing, imagining at sea side
Letter 7426/06/1944Stalag XXIAH.K.P.20 LodzMoved to Stalag VIII B (344), fitted wheels on case.
Letter 74a01/08/1944Stalag VIIIBLamsdorfMoney transfer
Letter 7521/08/1944Stalag VIIIB E744SwartsmereBook from Freda Wright, getting Toch H started
Letter 7603/09/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Swartsmere5 years since war start, South Africans, mail sluggish
Letter 8217/09/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Swartsmere29th Birthday
Letter 7724/09/1944Stalag VIIIB E744SwartsmereWhat has happened to the Austin
Letter 78??/??/1944Stalag VIIIB E744SwartsmereSydney Yeoman, South Africa, Hinxworth
Letter 8008/10/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalFrom camp hospital - Jaundice
Letter 7916/10/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalPhoto Toch H in Stalag 344 - Jaundice - in camp hospital
Letter 8120/10/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalStill 'mellow yellow' from Jaundice, feel OK, mail slow
Letter 8315/11/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalJaundice gradually leaving, money order, electric flex, car, no letter from Phil
Letter 8410/12/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalBack on meats, fats & chocolate, Frank Riddle.
Letter 8526/12/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalReceived 4 records, cloths and books from Biggleswade Chronicle
Letter 8603/12/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalLife suspended - like a sleeping prince, still in hospital
Letter 8717/12/1944Stalag VIIIB E744Tost HospitalStill in hospital, lad died tree fell on him, cod liver oil,