Happy Thanksgiving to the entire John C. Haines School Staff. I am thankful for so many things: health and happiness, my family and support system, love and laughter. I am thankful to have interesting "challenges" to meet daily. I am thankful for being able to work with insightful, dedicated and hardworking teachers who want the absolute BEST for our students at Haines!

Welcome to the John C. Haines Teacher News Site
Prepared by Ginger Lumpkin, Principal 
  Positive indicators of high student engagement: all students respond, all students discuss content in small groups and all students write a response in a journal or exit slip. What are some ways you make your lessons engaging to students?" Williamson & Blackburn, 2010
 Upcoming Events:
Nov. 22-23- Thanksgiving Holiday Relax and Enjoy!
Nov. 30- Staff Winter Wonderland Social
Dec. 5-1/2 Day Student Attendance/PD/Staff Pot Luck
Dec. 21- School wide Winter Assembly
Save the Date (Range)
Dec.14-Dec.20- Staff Winter Party- TBA 
NWEA, mClass and Teacher Assessments
Teachers, during your upcoming team meetings and with your students, we will be working on your BOY, MOY and EOY Goals with your teams and students which includes using data from NWEA and mClass assessments. All teachers should be using the Student Goal Setting template presented by the chairs at the last PD. We want our students to have at least 80% mastery on any performance goal or skill that you teach.
We want 100% of Haines students to meet/exceed District and National RIT "goals" as well as have varied points of data to justify our students' mastery of skills.
Below are the % of students who met/exceeded District Grade Level Mean RIT on the Fall NWEA/MAP Assessment:
Gr.            Reading                Math
Kdg              43%                    54%
1st                56%                    78%
2nd              77%                     91%
3rd               76%                    88%
4th               67%                    76%
5th               68%                    75%
6th               76%                    79%
7th               73%                    89%
8th               65%                    85%
 Teacher Observations

During professional development, we reviewed the REACH teacher evaluation cycle, delivered observation forms you will need to review and complete and communicated the observation, coaching, goal setting and mentoring schedule. We are beginning formal evaluations. PATs and TATs may opt to have their first formal observation as a "practice." Guidelines for this is communicated on the Knowledge Center website and will be reiterated during the pre-observation conference.

One note: During the observation, the classroom should clearly reflect the daily agenda and objectives per each subject area taught. Agendas clearly guide student movement and instruction throughout the day. Objectives provide purpose for teaching and learning and should be communicated to students on a daily basis and "tied to larger goals" which is a requirement of Domain 2 - Component 2b of the CPS Framework for Teaching.

Knowledge Center
The Knowledge Center website is a resource for information about REACH Students- the new teacher evaluation system and student growth metric using the CPS Framework for Teaching. While we will be analyzing teaching throughout the semester in domains 2 and 3 of the CPS REACH Students Framework, the Knowledge Center website provides videos of observations that represent each domain, component proficiency level, all performance tasks,proficiency level rubrics, etc. Prior to future professional development, please review/peruse the Knowledge Center website. The site may be accessed via the link at the bottom of this page.


Don't forget...
  • We had 98% pick up for Report Card Pick Up. Thank you for a successful Parent Conference Night
  • Team Follow-ups
    • Implementing norms for characteristics of 21st century classrooms
    • RTI implementation(Completing your planning guide for Tier 1, 2 and 3 Interventions)
    • Data Wise Implementation (after more discussion)
  • We are reading "A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing", a revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, continue to read chapters 4-6 by your next team meeting day, week of Nov. 26th. We will discuss the book at your next team meeting.
  •  Please blog site at: http://hainesadmins.wordpress.com
  • Don't forget to sign up with Ms. Israel for the Staff Pot Luck and sign your team up for the Staff Winter Wonderland Social and Decorating Party with Ms. Savage.
  • December 5th is 1/2 Day Student Attendance and Professional Development Day.
  • Teachers, Thank you for passing out your students' lunch tickets before entering the lunchroom. That process is working out well.
  • Administration is conducting both formal and informal observations.
  • Students are tardy at 8:05 a.m. and should present a tardy slip to you if they are tardy. Please record tardies in IMPACT.
  • Students must carry a hall pass with them after 8:05 a.m. if they're sent out of the classroom.
  • Let's continue to post current student work on the bulletin boards.