My Teaching

Currently I teach the following courses/subjects in the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, City University of New York. I am happy to share full syllabi with teaching colleagues. Contact me via my Baruch e-mail: john.casey[at]
PAF 9120: PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT I  This course introduces the fundamental concepts and techniques for managing people in government and nonprofit agencies, including schools. It focuses on structural models; individual behavior, including group dynamics and leadership; effective use and management of human resources; and political and cultural frameworks. Questions of effectiveness, responsibility, and professional relations are considered.
PAF 9151: THE ADMINISTRATION OF NONPROFIT AND VOLUNTARY AGENCIES  The course focuses on the study of management techniques and strategies applicable in nonprofit agencies. Topics include agency interaction with governmental and political institutions, planning and control systems, the role of the governing board, and the role of the executive director. Special attention is paid to the needs of community service/social welfare and cultural/arts organizations.

In a globalized world, the international dimension of public administration is no longer the domain of only a small elite. Public sector managers at all levels now respond to demands generated from beyond the borders of their own jurisdiction. PAF 9181 focuses on understanding public administration in other countries and international organizations.  The course begins with a comparative analysis of the political and cultural environments that configure the public and nonprofit sectors around the globe. It then examines the tools available to implement government policies and compares how they are used for national and international governance. Class sessions will focus on single countries and regions, on comparing the provision of specific services in different countries, and on comparative perspectives on policy issues such as public sector reform, immigration and government-nonprofit relations. The final part of the course will analyze the cultural competencies needed to work in cross-cultural and international settings.

PAF 9183: THE MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS This course examines the international dimension of the nonprofit world. It focuses on those nonprofit organizations that work across borders because: 1) they seek to influence global issues such as economic justice, human rights, and the environment; 2) they deliver aid or capacity building programs in developing countries; or 3) they are the secretariat or headquarters of an international network of organizations. The course will explore international and cross-cultural management issues, relationships with national governments and supranational entities, and international advocacy strategies. My new book The Nonprofit World was written for use in this course; for a sample syllabus: PAF9183_InternationalNonprofits