Are Maltese artists all really expensive?
Are Maltese artists out of my reach?
Some artists in these islands have a God status and play on their surname to increase their prices extensively. It is a pity, as new interest is immediately lost by potential art lovers, who can find cheap chinese imports everywhere and 'decorate' easly. The thing is art should be about more than decor and less about social status.
How much does a real oil painting cost?
The key is market value. Art is a demand and supply service like any other. Go to collective exhibitions held locally to view and get an idea of prices. Other elements can effect a price like uneakness or sentimental value.  

The dance of Art
John Busuttil Leaver OPEN STUDIO 2017
Dance themed paintings available in studio

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Have you ever wanted to possess a work by one of the masters, to experience the texture of the canvas and presence of the scale of such works?  Prints just cannot reproduce this. The next best thing is a commissioned painting 'after' the favoured masterpiece. (above: an oil painting 'after Van Gogh') Order yours here.

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John Busuttil Leaver (b.1964)
John Busuttil Leaver is a visual artist from the Mediterranean Island Republic of Malta. He studied art under Harry Alden at the Government School of art, then by attending The art and Design Centre which today is known as the MCAST Institute of Art & Design. Drawing and oil painting are his preferred media. He is philosophical about his work and sees what he does as non-commercial: a statement about the contemporary and its preservation for posterity.

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