john brunero                               
(Ph.D., Columbia University)

Robert R. Chambers Distinguished Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Moral Sciences

Department of Philosophy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

            about me                        

I joined the Philosophy Department at UNL in August 2014.  Before that, I
spent a year as a Laurence S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow in 
the University Center for Human Values  at Princeton University.  And before that, I taught at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

I teach courses in moral, political, and legal philosophy.  And I work primarily in ethics and metaethics, especially on topics concerning reasons and rationality. I'll be co-organizing a Robert R. Chambers Conference at UNL in Spring 2016 on Practical Reason and Metaethics.

email: jbrunero2 [at] unl [dot] edu                 CV (updated January 2016)


             work in progress             

Intentions, Reasons, and Instrumental Rationality (under contract with Oxford University Press)


(Click on the paper title to link to the published version; click on "dc" for a draft copy.

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