John Brittas Interview with Gail Tredwell - an analysis

Kairali People TV aired an interview with Gail Tredwell, who has taken the headlines by a storm in Kerala. The interviewer, John Brittas, who is also the Chief Editor of the channel did a good job in asking the right questions. An analysis of this interview is done below.  
John Brittas

 "From what I read, it looks like you justify everything that you have done, and puts the blame on others."


"Hmm.. that's not the case. I accept some of my own misdoings too."
 Gail Tredwell

She left the ashram to live with her boyfriend. Why did she hide this fact, and instead term it as a "great escape"?

John Brittas

 "Gail, were you happy living in the ashram?"


"Yes, I was. Initially, for many years I was very happy in the ashram."
 Gail Tredwell

John Brittas

 "No Gail. You have mentioned that you were abused in the 3rd or 4th year. So how were you happy?"


"Hmm... Hm..."
(silent for few seconds)
 Gail Tredwell

What is the meaning of this silence?
Isn't she contradicting words written in her own book?

(Of course, we know the fact that she did not have any memory of abuse, but was suggested by her 'therapist' after 2006.)

John Brittas

 "Gail, you say that Amma took action against another disciple who was involved in  monetary cheating. Then why didn't you talk to her about your issues?"

"I felt that Amma considered all other disciples as her own children. So, she might not take action against them."
 Gail Tredwell

She says that Amma considered other disciples as her own children. So, where is the question of having any other sort of relationship between mother and her children? 

Again, is she not contradicting herself?

John Brittas

 "Do you think that you did a mistake by spending around 20 years of your life in the ashram with Amma?"


"Hmm.. No, I don't think so. I don't think that it was a mistake. Initially I was happy. There were abuses. But later, towards the end, not much abuses were there. So, I decided to leave."

 Gail Tredwell

What is the logic ??
1. I was abused initially -> I was happy
2. I was not abused much later -> I was sad -> So I left

As she describes, this is "pure madness" !!

Some of you who have seen the interview may have doubted the lack of depth in her wild allegations. Initially, in an interview given to India Today, she had told that she was not interested in proceeding legally since she believed in higher justice. But, in the interview, she tells that she is ready to take this to court. 

These are not few instances of the self contradictory statements that she has made. 

Since the release of the book, Holy Hell, last October, many people whom Gail had referred to in her book has come out in the open to give a different perspective. A collection of testimonials are given here at:

There were suspicions that Gail had threaded a story with the help of Jessi Hoffman (a known ghost writer). Some of the analysis can be read from here:

A factual analysis of the book, and the terrible "ommision of lie" is explained here:

But more importantly, the question that should be asked is, "who is supporting her and using her as a pawn to spread these self contradictory statements?"