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"There is a fine line between quackery and legitimate science.  All it takes is one mistake to destroy a useful science."

Rife Machine Builder is also now the Rife Research Center of America.

We Make it Easy for anyone to afford a high quality Rife Machine.

Our Basic Model (Second Machine from the top of this page) is only $615 plus shipping.  We will finance the machine with only $300 down.

All are welcome at the Rife Research Center of America.

The Center is a place where all people who are interested in Rife Technology can work in order to develop and build the technology.



Check out the alternative Medicine page for excerpts from my upcoming book.


     The above machine is an older analog Rife Machine.  The bulb in the machine is a 1939 Phanotron made by Bill Cheb, and filled with Helium gas.  The cost of the bulb is over $350.  I do make  analog machines with the e-gas blend bulb.  The cost of the analog machine with an e-gas blend bulb is $480 plus $30 shipping and handling.  Analog machines operate from around 40hz. to about 7000hz.

     The above quote is what I heard from Dick Rutan when I was at Oshkosh Wisconsin in 2005 for the annual air show.  Dick Rutan was one of the pilots who flew the  aircraft voyager around the world non-stop without re-fueling.  There are some people who will tell you curing the sick is impossible.  Impossibilities are just something to be blocked out of the mind.   

    When people use the words Rife technology they are often times referring to the treatment of illness using electricity.  Rife developed his technology in the 1930's and people have been altering it, or trying to duplicate it.  According to information I have received Royal Raymond Rife created a microscope that was able to view a living virus.  To my knowledge no microscope used today is capable of viewing a living virus.  Seeing the live virus allowed Mr. Rife to determine what type of electrical frequency would be capable of destroying it.  This is known as the MOR or the  Mortal Oscillitory Resonance.  This is based on the same science that certain objects will break apart at certain frequencies.  Very similar to glass shattering when exposed to certain types of sound waves.  The inability to recreate the original Rife Microscope has made it very difficult to determine the MOR for viruses.

     From my experience there are many types of benefits from using energy to treat illness.  In the main they are.

*The body has a very high water content.  Chemical medicine can cause a virus or bacteria to become resistant and create more problems.  This was my experience using penicillin to treat strep throat.

*There can be adverse side effects from chemical medicine.

     In addition many people have shared with me many theories behind energy medicine.  Some of the main are:

*Cancer has a high degree of iron content.  By applying certain electrical fields to cancer you can heat up the iron in cancer causing the cancer cells to overheat and die.

*Electrical stimulation can be very useful for blocking out pain.

*Some bacteria or parasites may contain iron.  The same theory could apply to this situation as the cancer situation.  Which is electricity  can be used for heating up iron causing the bacteria to overheat and die.

*Electrical stimulation makes the immune system stronger.

*Rife tubes generate infrared heat which could help blood circulation.

*The body becomes ill when it vibrates at the incorrect frequency.  By  exposing the body to electrical fields you can balance out the electrical fields.

*Certain Pathogens have a negative charge.  One theory is that by exposing pathogens to a positive charge you can neutralize or kill the pathogen.  Perhaps this could be used as another theory that supports people who claim Rife Machines make the immune system stronger.

     I was first introduced to Rife Machines by Steve who lives in Byron Michigan.  Steve had been suffering from Lyme disease for sometime.  He was getting tired of the antibiotics, so he started using Dan Tracy's EMEM machine.  After using Dan's machine for a while he then switched over to a Doug Coil Machine.  The Doug Coil uses a coil, unlike the EMEM Machine which uses a plasma tube. 

     Bill Cheb and Jim Davis are two of the main suppliers of plasma tubes.  Jim builds tubes that are many different shapes and sizes.  He is a good supplier of high quality tubes.    (Barry Allred recently passed on, he contributed greatly to the Rife Community and will be greatly missed).    In the main I use the single bubble e-gas blend tubes.  The tubes are filled with a mixtures of gases like Argon, and Neon.  The new supplier for Rife Tubes is Jim Davis in South Carolina.

     I have also had experience with electronic suppliers.  Digi Key, All Electronics, Radio Shack have been very good suppliers for me.  American Semiconductor has supplied me with many Darlington transistors.  A lot of suppliers I find on the internet are a lot cheaper source of parts than Radio Shack.  I have had a tough time using Digi Key's online ordering site.  Gmet Technolgoy, has supplied me with many of the signal generators I use.

  If someone is interested in building an EMEM Machine feel free to contact me.

     There are also many good sites for researching Rife technology.  Some of the favorites arewww.rife.de and www.rife.org Jimmy Holman also has a nice web-site.  There is also a rife convention that is held at least once a year in Seattle Washington. 

     Richard Lloyd and Jim Bare have also played significant roles in bringing forward Rife technology.  I purchased a video from Jim Bare and was fascinated to see amoebas break apart when exposed to certain frequency's.  Certainly no one including me will tell you that Rife Machines will cure anything out of fear of prosecution. 

     A  few weeks ago I was talking to Jim Bare and he was telling me that certain frequency's were available that showed promise against Malaria.  It is my understanding that Malaria is becoming resistant to clora quinine.  It is also my understanding that over 500,000,000 people in the world currently suffer from Malaria.  Unfortunately Jim was not able to receive funding for his project.  Hopefully we can change that in a very short time period. 

     Recently I was also reading a book by Kevin Trudeau.  Natural Cures they do not want you to know about.  In the book he talks about two machines called the Vegatest and the Dermataron .  Those are two machines I am not familiar with.  I could also not find any information about them on the internet.  According to Kevin he has been on an energy re-balancing program for several years now and he credits that with keeping him in good health.  He has recently also come out with another book. 

     I recently ordered a book by Bryan Rosner called Lyme Disease and Rife Machines.  I found it to be very informative.  Bryan has done a great job getting information public about Rife Machines. 

     Barry Lynes has also written a book called the cancer cure that worked.  Based on his research of Rife technology. 

     I have many parts for the EMEM machine.  Richard Lloyd has a list of needed parts on his web-site.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

    Most Popular Model    

   The above machine is a digital model with a Jim Davis e-gas blend bulb.  The bulb is filled with a mixture of gases like Argon, and Neon.  It operates from 1hz. to around 20,000hz.  it sells for $615 plus shipping and handling.  This is the machine that I try to keep in stock at all times.  I do not have many of the other machines in stock.  The bulbs for some of the other machines cost upwards of $300.  Which makes them more difficult to keep in stock.  Use Pay-Pal to sendfunding to my e-mail address kopekt@yahoo.com



This is another photo of our most popular model.  Same great machine.  Great new look.

The shipping rates are as follows:

Shipping to the lower 48 states is $35.  Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $55.  Shipping to Europe is $115.  Shipping to Austrailia is $155.  Shipping to Mexico is $85.

The following is taken Kevin Trudeau's latest book More Natural "Cures" Revealed.  It is the history of Royal Rife.

     Rife invented technology before it existed, including the first micromanipulator, microdissectors, and heterodyning microscopes.  He won fourteen government awards for scientific discoveries and an honorary medical degree from the University of Heidelberg.  Millionaires like Henry Timken financed Rife's work, such as the universal microscope with 5,682 parts.  With this superb microscope, Dr. Royal Rife became the first human being to actually see a live virus.  After nearly 2,000 unsuccessful attempts, Rife finally isolated the human cancer virus.  Rife inoculated 400 lab animals with this virus, created 400 tumors, and then miraculously eliminated every cancer tumor by using an instrument he invented to modify its electronic signature.  He was using energy!  Some people call it frequencies.

     Rife used the same technology for other "incurable diseases."  Constructing his own equipment, Rife painstakingly analyzed the precise energetic signature unique to each pertinent microbe.  Rife theorized that the smallest virus, microbe, or bacteria each had a unique vibration, or energetic signature.  He developed a machine that could emit a very specific frequency.  By exposing disease organisms to a highly modified form of their own unique electromagnetic pattern of oscillation (frequency or energetic signature), Rife discovered he could destroy them by the millions.  The most exciting part is when doing this, nothing else would be destroyed except that particular organism.  Rife's discovery on vibrational or energetic "healing" was simply that every organism at the lowest level had a very specific electromagnetic pattern, or unique energetic signature, or pattern of oscillation, or frequency, or "energy."

     George Lakhovsky theorized that each human cell operated like a tiny battery and when fully charged, each cell is able to experience cell balance and create a feeling of well being.

The above machine  is also a digital model.  It has a hand held frequency generator computer.  It performs a function similar to what your personal computer is capable of doing.  It will allow you to get the accuracy that you desire.  It operates from 1hz. to 25,000hz. some machines are capable of going to almost 40,000hz.  It sells for $740 plus $30 shipping and handling.  The computer cost me over $100.  The bulb in the machine is the Phanotron made by Bill Cheb, it is filled with Helium gas and cost over $275.

The following is a letter I recently received from my health insurance provider. 

What is Antibiotic Resistance?

Two kinds of germs cause common infections-bacteria and viruses.  Viral infections are not treatable with antibiotics.  However, millions of prescriptions for antibiotics are mistakenly taken each year.  The problem is, when you take antibiotics your body doesn't need, or use them inappropriately, bacteria can build up a resistance-leading to an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  If you catch one of these drug resistant bacteria, antibiotics are less effective or not effective at all when you really need them to work.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), knowing the difference between a viral and a bacterial infection, and when an antibiotic is appropriate, can make all the difference to the ongoing health of you and your family.

These common viruses should not be treated with antibiotics:

*common colds and chest colds, including coughs                                                                           

*The flu   

* Sore throats, except strep

*Bronchitis in otherwise healthy adults and children

*Runny noses, even when mucus is yellow or green

*Earaches caused by fluid in the middle ear

Common viruses usually clear up on their own in two to three days.  If you have concerns, talk to your doctor about treatment and how to avoid antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance leads to:

*New strains of common infections

*Longer-lasting illnesses

*Increased doctor visits

*Costly medications


Rife Machine builder is currently building a six coil EMEM Machine.  This machine is a little bigger than the traditional EMEM machines which usually operate on one or two coils.  The six coil is analog and is not available in computer model.  I live in southeast Michigan for those of you who might be interested in doing a session with this machine.   Please  contact  Rife  Machine  Builder if interested in this machine.  Special Thanks to Steve in Byron Michigan who inspired me to build the six coil several years ago. 

The following is a partial list of Rife Frequencies.  Remember these are experimental only and not intended to suggest a certain frequency may cure an illness.

Epilepsy 20, 120, 727, 787, 880

Epstein-Barr 660, 727, 787,

Fibromyalgia 120, 140, 304,464

Fungus 333, 450, 465, 665

Gonorrhea 600, 650, 660, 700

Head Injury 727, 787, 880, 5000

Headaches 20, 144, 160, 304, 520, 727, 787, 880, 1000

Hepatitis B 334, 433, 767, 869

Hepatitis C 166, 224, 317, 2,189

Lyme Disease 444, 888, 1264, 20, 44 284

Nerve Pain 727, 787, 5000, 10,000



DISCLAIMER:Many of the treatments we discuss are not FDA approved modalities, and this group is NOT advising that you use these treatments on yourself.  We do not encourage or advise medical treatments for anyone, nor do we "treat or cure" disease.  Please see a licensed physician for medical advice.  Living in the USA, we have the right to discuss among ourselves any medical treatment we want, including experimental medical treatments we may choose to undergo in the privacy of our own home.  Each post represents someone sharing his/her own personal experience for information purposes only.  The author NEVER intends their post to be interpreted as medical advice UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  If you are not able to comply with this disclaimer for any reason, or if you are not able to refrain from interpreting posts as personal medical advice, please dis-regard this web-site.  This is not a medical advisory group, but is instead a place to share and exchange information among private citizens, and as such, it falls under protection of the Constitution of the U.S.

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