Competitive Pricing

Baum Squad Productions gives you full-service professional production at a competitive price!

For most instructional video projects of between 2-5 DVDs a rate of between $5,000.00 to $9,000 can be expected.  This price generally includes:

-Pre-production consultation

-Airfare to send a producer to your location and traveling incidentals.

-Equipment rental including: professional grade mini-dv video camera (Panasonic DVC-30), wireless microphone sound package, & studio lighting package. Other camera packages (such as HD) can be rented but will influence the final price

-3-5 days production shooting schedule on location

-Complete project editing including graphics and text 

-Compressed rough cut uploads & editing revisions

-Complete customized DVD menus

-DVD mastering

-optional DVD packaging

-optional online video content for marketing

 1 to 2 month turnaround time!

Please contact us for exact pricing details!