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About Us

John is English and Jennifer (me) is an American. We met in 2003 in a chat room online. That’s right, we are an internet romance. Back then we were just friends and we had great conversations about anything and everything. In early 2004 that all changed. John and I started mentioning that our feelings for each other was starting to change and discussed the distance our relationship was spanning on more than one occasion. It seemed fruitless at first and then one night John emailed me and said he could come over to the US; that he had always wanted to.

That night my excitement grew. If this worked we would see if our attraction worked in real life too and if it didn’t we’d have a great time and he’d go back home as friends. We talked almost nightly for months and discussed the logistics of such a trip. He got everything together and arrived October 7, 2004.

Watching him walk towards me at the airport was nerve-wrecking. The sparks started flying as soon as he smiled.

How we got engaged

We went out for lunch, something we commonly do for Valentine’s Day. I commented that John appeared to be doing a lot of thinking during lunch; he just had that lost in thought look. He said no, he wasn’t thinking about anything.

We enjoyed our lunch, held hands across the table. When lunch was done and the plates were cleared away he shifted in his seat and I thought he was getting up to go the the restroom when he got down on his knee, my hand still in his. I admit I stuttered and in an embarrassed question, “Is this cheesy?” He said he could just get back up, which I told him no, to stay.

By then I was grinning and it had only been a split second. He looked into my eyes and asked, “Will you marry me?” and as steady as I could I said “Yes, I will marry you.” We kissed and held each other’s hands even tighter.

John said he wanted to go ring shopping right then, and so off we went to the jewelry store. The first ring I looked at I loved and when I put it on it was even prettier. I tried on several more, and other enhancing rings and different other styles but kept going back to that first one. So that’s what we got.

I’ve never had a diamond before; it’s really exciting! Once home we had the red velvet cake I had made that morning for Valentine’s and some sparkling wine. Bliss could never be better.

We plan a June 4, 2011 wedding with 30 of our closest family and friends.