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Curriculum Vitae (in English;in French).


I'm currently working for Green Communications.
I have a PhD in computer science from University of Paris-Sud (prepared at LRI - Orsay) and an engineer degree from EPITA.
I've done my PhD on software testing with Formal Testing and System Exploration (ForTesSE) group. Marie-Claude Gaudel and Alain Denise are my supervisors. My PhD thesis, entitled Application of combinatorial analysis to large scale statistical testing, is about random testing and coverage criteria.


More details on Research

My research interests are: Model-Based Testing, Random exploration, Security Testing, Automatic Test Case Generation and Instantiation, Coverage criteria, and Penetration testing.


More details on Project

Having a degree in computer science engineering, I have a strong background in computer programming. I am an expert in C++ and I developed a C++ library in which most of the algorithms designed during my Ph.D. thesis are implemented. This library, Rukia, is free software and can be downloaded from github or Rukia website. This library generates paths of a fixed size from a graph described in GraphViz format, and ensures a uniform coverage among every paths. I'm familiar with tools for building software like the Autotools and Version Control Systems (GiT, Mercurial, Subversion). I also know Trac, a web-based project management tool, and Jenkins a continuous integration tool.


More details on Teaching

When I was a PhD student, I was also a teaching assistant in the computer science department of IUT Orsay. I gave tutorials in algorithmic and C++ language to the first-year students and I was also in charge of a robotic project for second-year students. This project aimed at driving from Internet a robot built by IUT Cachan.
In Karlsruhe (Germany), I was a teacher assistant at KIT and I taught to master students a course on advanced topics of software testing.

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