Johannes Weinhapl's Oil Paints

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Hello Friends!   

  Two years ago I heard the first time from the American painter Bob Ross. I saw some of his painting lessons on TV. In summer 2005 a gallery in Ebreichsdorf (Austria), Kunsthaus Kuchler, offered an one hour basic training in landscape and blossom painting based on Bob Ross. I attended these trainings and it was great. I didn't know before how easy it is to create wonderful oil paintings.

   So I started my career as artist.  I read books, watched all TV lessons I found, and did a lot of awful paintings. Till now every new paint is an adventure for me, but I get better and better.

Here are my Paintings:


           Yellow Lake    

    Orange      Die Schlucht       Waldweg



   Winter Blau/Gelb       Auland          Mohn


          Huette 2       Seelandschaft          Waldlichtung


         Red         Yellow          Andreas


         After Rain           Fantasy           Sunset

        Landscape           Winter           Blossom

         River Bend            Donau Auen            Deep Forrest