Johannes Maier

My name is Johannes Maier and I am Assistant Professor
at the Economics Department of the
University of Munich (LMU).

Address:              University of Munich
                              Seminar for Economic Theory
                              Ludwigstr. 28 Rgb.
                              D-80539 Munich                       
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Research Interests

Behavioral Economics, Decisions under Uncertainty, Experimental Economics.

Working Papers

Decomposing the Disposition Effect. (joint with Dominik Fischer)
A demo version of the experiment is available here.

A Model of Conservative Belief Updating. (joint with Clemens König)

Measuring Risk Aversion Model-Independently. (joint with Maximilian Rüger)

Experimental Evidence on Higher-Order Risk Preferences with Real Monetary Losses. (joint with Maximilian Rüger)

Work in Progress

The Dynamics of Reference-Dependent Belief Updating. (joint with Clemens König)

A Theory of Conditional Cooperation in Repeated Public Goods Games.

Relative Conditional Cooperation: The Case of Uncertain and Heterogeneous Endowments. (joint with Jan Schikora)

Refereed Publications

Poverty, Vulnerability, and Reference-Dependent Utility. (joint with Isabel Günther) Review of Income and Wealth, 2014, 60(1) pp155-181. Appendix: Proofs.