Coping with change, changing to cope
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How to make a change as good as a holiday

This course will help you deal with the human side of re-engineering.  Once the calculations have been made and the plans are being finalized, it becomes necessary to consider how you will take others with you on the route to change.  The course is about “teaching old dogs new tricks”.

Coping with change

Coping with clutter – how to manage your time and keep your desk clear
Coping with stress
Coping with culture change
Coping with yourself – a personal audit – get to know your strengths and weaknesses
Coping with others – getting the best out of those around you

Changing to cope

Changing direction: How to decide on the direction of change
Changing gears: How to teach an old dog new tricks
Changing ears: How to get information back and monitor the rate of change
Changing positions: How to interview and be interviewed
Changing minds: How to persuade
Changing places:  How to win an argument at all costs