Current projects

Some of the research questions we are currently exploring include: 
  • How can we measure inclusive and exclusive victim consciousness, and what predicts these distinct beliefs about ingroup victimization? (with Christopher Cohrs,  Andrew McNeill, Michelle Twali, Eliana Hadjiandreou, Zsolt Peter Szabo, & Mikolaj Winiewski)
  • How do people make sense of their ingroup's collective victimization, beyond comparative victim beliefs? (with Zsolt Peter Szabo, Andrew McNeill, Eliana Hadjiandreou, & Mikolaj Winiewski)
  • How do people experience acknowledgment and denial of their ingroup's collective victimization? (with Michelle Twali)
  • What are the social psychological processes underlying resistance during genocide? (with Michal Bilewicz, Maggie Campbell-Obaid)
  • How do stereotypes and enemy images in propaganda change over the course of genocide? (with Mikolaj Winiewski & Michal Bilewicz)