Stage 5 - Haydock to Ludlow





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Day 5 completed nice and early. We cycled 95 miles today and arrived at Wooferton Travel Lodge at 1:50.

...Well while writing that first line, I fell fast asleep, so apologies for the late update considering our early arrival.

Day started pretty chilly with a head wind forcast. We stopped off at Whitchurch for some breakfast after cycling 40 miles. The day was really quite tough going, I think we are all starting to struggle quite a bit now. We seem to go through good and bad patches all at different times to each other.

We pushed on as best we could and made Ludlow by 1pm, which was just 5 miles from our Hotel but since we where too early to check in, we stopped in a layby where John had put some soup on for us.

Sorry for the short update, but I am very tired and need to get some sleep as the next two days promise to be very tough. We hope to arrive in Tiverton by tea time. 130 miles expected for tomorrow.