Stage 4 - Carlisle to Haydock





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We arrived at the Hotel just before 5 after yet another tough day. We cycled 121 miles(or at least I did!! ). Kieth took a wrong turning at Penrith and started heading back up the oad to Carlisle. Thank fully I was following Steve at the time. Later on Steve took a wrong turning and started to head back towards Penrith and again, this time I was luckily following Keith. My turn to get lost tomorrow, although will be hard as its just one long road tomorrow.

We set off a little after half 5 after I overslep and Steve needed several visits to the toilet. We went out for an Indian last night and the Chilis that he ate did not agree with him. If only we could all inflict that amount of agony when we did not agree with Steve!! We where desperate to take the micky out of him, but we felt sorry for him as he looked in agony at time. I do remember warning him not to have anything too hot though.

If you take a look at the GPS data from the link above, you will see that the first 40 miles was up hill. We think that at 1400 feet, that is probably going to be the highest point of the whole ride, so you could say its only down hill from here (Unfortunately not!!). By the time we reached the top of Shap, we had only averaged 13 mph which is pretty slow and when you have 120 miles to go, looking at 40 on the clock is quite depressing.

The next 10 miles was down hill all the way to Kendal which marks the half way point of the whole ride at around 440 miles from John O'Groats.

We kicked on for the next 47 miles where we met up with John just outside Carnforth. He made us a great stir fry which made a nice change to the fry ups. Even though I dropped most of mine on the floor, it was much very much appreciated. The sun was starting to get hot by now, which was also appreciated as it had been freezing cold all morning. I nearly fell asleep by the side of the road. We set off after just over an hour for lunch 

The next 20 miles went quite quickly and we stopped for an ice cream about 4 miles outside Preston. Only 35 miles to go from here, but the city's and towns tend to slow you down with Traffic and Lights, so I think that distance took us a while.

Thanks fully there have been no punctures are breakdowns (mental or physical) today which is good. The weather report for tomorrow does not look all that great. Plenty of sun but alson strong head winds are predicted. Short day though tomorrow with just 94 miles expected, we hope to finish by 2 at the latest.

Everyone is aching all over, but of course Kelsey's injuries are far worse than anyone elses. In fact I am not sure how he had suvived as long as he has. All bums are numb and aching butnot sore (well maybe Steve's is)

Anyway O am dropping to sleep here so Will sign off for now.