Stage 2 - Inverness to Dumbarton 





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I would never have thought that the words "Its just from Scarborough back Hom" would ever be words of comfort when describing the distence yet to travel in the day. Two years ago we stayed in this same hotel in Dumbarton, but that time it was the end of Day 4 and this time its then end of Day 2.

We had a fairly late start today,  leaving the hotel in Inverness at about 6am for the 30 miles drive to where we finished yesterday. When we got there John suggested he makes us a cuppa before we set off, not much persuasion was required!! We met a group of cyclists in the car park who where doing End to End in a relay so taking it in turns and cycling through the night to get to John O'Groats. While we where they they actually appeared on Radio 1.

We finally set off at about half 7 for the long 125 journey that was to take in some of the biggest climbs on the ride (Ranoch Moor at 1142 ft). The ride today started fairly steady alongside the remainder of Loch Ness, then Loch Oich and Loch Lochy. We then had our first climb of the day ap to a War Memorial just before a long drop into SPean Bridge.

John Met us just after Spean Bridge, about 9 miles before Fort William. We had cycled 30 miles, but the offer of yet another cup of tea was too good to refuse. He also had some hot tomatoe soup on the go. The best thing about today is that we where not heald up with constant punctures from Steve, but we did have one mechanical failure. We where lucky that we spotted it while stopped having a cuppa. Steve had been whinging for the last 30 miles that his bike was clicking and not going into gear. Each time he tried to tell me, I just popped my other ear phone in to block out his dulcit tones, but that did not seem to work. Instead he started poking me, and trying ti knock me off my bike. With the threat of death firmly in my mind I decided to look at his gears and noticed that he had a link in his new chain that was about to break.

To be continued...