May 30th 2006 - Day12

Exeter - Newquay

Route - A30, A392

Approximate Mileage - 93

One day to go! Whoo hoo!

It has been a very tough day for me today. Steve and Keith have been a great help pulling me along all day. We had hoped to set off at half 5 this morning but slept in so didn't leave till about half 6.

It took us a while to get out of Exeter, and were met with lots of traffic. We decided to cycle on the A30 which is a dual carriage way. Not the best idea in the world but we wanted to get there the shortest, quickest and least hilly way possible.

I really struggled, cycling along with the heavy traffic and headwind. After about 35 miles we pulled off the road to go to the services. we then took a wrong turn, but thankfully found a pub serving an all you can eat breakfast.

One great breakfast later, I started to feel loads better and we found a quiet road we could take for the next 20 miles, down hill too. After that we were back on the A30. The road eventually took us to the top of Bodmin Moor. Since I was lagging behind a bit, I finally got to the top to be met by the beast of Bodmin Moor bearing cups of tea. After that it was an quite easy ride to Newquay.

Still a way to go but the worst was behind us. After 95 hard miles of wind, hills and more wind we finally arrived. The view from the hotel is fantastic. I'm having a night in in front me the TV with a bag of chips.

We're all looking forward to tomorrow. Hoping to be there by lunch time.