May 29th 2006 - Day11

Bristol - Exeter

Route - A37, A303, A30

Approximate Mileage - 80

We've had a tough day today. A long climb out of Bristol rewarded us, or not, with a 73 mile sign to Exeter. We finished on 80 miles today. There was plenty of hills and wind. On our way out of Bristol Steve decided to put some sun cream on. At which point the heavens opened, however there were only a couple of quick showers today.

The road signs were quite frustrating because at times the mileages went up instead of down. We went through the 800 mile point early on in the day and will be crashing through the 900 mile mark early tomorrow.

We are all aching quite a bit now. Steve is complaining about bad knees as well as me. Still no bike problems to report.

Just one big day left, then a pleasant 40 miler for the final day. Tomorrow could be our hardest so far, 90 miles and Bodmin Moor to negotiate. We are aiming to set off at 5.30 to get some miles out the way before the traffic picks up.