May 28th 2006 - Day10

Leominster - Bristol

Route- A49, A466, A403

Approximate Mileage - 70 miles

We had our first healthy meal last night, proper fresh vegetables and everything, not a chip or pizza in sight.

We had an early morning again, setting off at just after 6. It was clear sunny sky's but very chilly, but we braved the cold and kept the jackets in our bags. There were a few hills to start with and but we were thankful as they warmed us up.

Keith and Steve turned into a lay by ahead of me and Steve somehow managed to fall off with a dramatic dive onto the grass verge to avoid injury. Keith hasn't been able to stop laughing at him all day.

We kicked onto Monmouth and arrived there by about half 9 after cycling roughly 40 miles. We had breakfast at the Wetherspoons pub, which has been one of the best breakfasts so far. We left Monmouth at about half 10. With only 17 miles to Chepstow and the Severn bridge. That was one of the best 17 miles on the trip though Dean forest. When we got to the Severn bridge we were riding on the path along the motorway when pop! Keith gets his second puncture of the trip. Steve and I are still on zero.

While crossing the bridge we felt we where almost finished for the day although we were still 12 miles or so from Bristol. Then we hit the hills! We thought that we'd seen the worst of them already earlier in the day and were not expecting to have any big ones in Bristol.

We arrived at the hotel at 2.30 which was great to get there so early. Hopefully the weather will stay good for us tomorrow because it was so much easier cycling in the sunshine. Just two long and one short day to go, the journey so far seems so much longer than 10 days.