May 27th 2006 - Day09

Shrewsbury - Leominster

Route - A49

Approximate Mileage - 38

Just 4 more days to go. Thankfully only 38 miles cycled today, we needed the rest. Steve was up early this morning and set off to the gym in Shrewsbury, like cycling 1000 miles in 13 days isn't exercise enough!

It never stopped raining today, well not until 3 miles from the end. By that time all our hard work drying our trainers and clothes the night before was undone. We'd gone about 12 miles when Steve and Keith shouted to me because I was losing things out my panniers. I hadn't fastened my bags up properly and so I lost Steve's Ibuleve gel that I've been using on my knee. Steve went back for it but it was too late, it was as flat as a pancake.

Not a lot really to report today. Steve and Keith are being pig's at the moment eating lots of sweets before bed. I of course am not greedy and wouldn't dream of scoffing a big bag of peanut m&m's and 3 packets of crisps!

Longer day tomorrow, about 75 miles we think. We've decided to try and find shorter routes. I'm having real trouble with my knee now, and am finding the longer distances difficult. Muscles do not ache anymore, for me or the other two boys. Keith keeps stinking the hotel rooms out with his deep heat gel, Steve keeps stinking the rooms out in other ways!

Weather forecast is good for tomorrow, I think we have earned a nice day.