May 26th 2006 - Day08

Preston - Shrewsbury

Route - A6, A49

Approximate Mileage

Nearly 700 miles completed. We had our 600 mile photo call in the reception of the hotel in Preston because of the bad weather outside. We were expecting nothing but rain until about 11, because of this we set off from preston at 6.30 and decided to take a direct route to Shrewsbury.

It's been our first miserable day since we started. The rain was that really fine stuff that makes you wet. We decided not to wear socks because we knew they would only get drenched. However, spirits were really high considering the rain. Steve and I were singing out loud most of the way.

Cycling at 40 mph is hairy at the best of times but even more so in the rain. Not many pics taken today largely thanks to the rain, but also because the scenery was as grey as the weather. Sights included Chorley, Wigan, Warrington, and the dual carriageways in between. We stopped at Tesco in Warrington for breakfast. Lots of time was spent in the toilets with gloves, hats and shirts under the hand dryers! Once we set off again I realised that time under the dryer was wasted, as within seconds we were just as wet as before. Thankfully as the scenery improved, so did the weather.

Whitchurch was really nice. We stopped off there for a bite to eat at about half past 2. It was just 18 miles short of Shrewsbury. We finally got to the hotel and all washed etc. and popped across the road for a drink and some dinner. Once inside I was accused of being a chav when the bar man told me to take my cap off. The cheek! This after the receptionist at Skiddaw hotel in Keswick told me to go have a wash! Good job I don't take too much offence.

I think loads more happened today but can't remember as the rain has effected my memory. Short day tomorrow. Time for my knee to get a bit of rest. Steve is off to the gym first thing in the morning while us normal folk have a lie in.