May 25th 2006 - Day07

Keswick - Preston

Route - A591, A592, A5074, A6

Approximate Mileage - 80

7 down, 6 to go. We've done nearly 600 miles now. The day started with our 7th full english breakfast in a row, (Steve's 8th). If we don't make it to Lands End it'll be cause we've had a heart attack!! Straight after breakfast we had a 1 in 6 hill to climb out of Keswick. We waved goodbye to Steve's dad as he passed us at the top.

The lakes were undulating to say the least. The downhill stretches were much appreciated. Cycling down into Grasmere we managed to reach 43mph but I had to slam on my breaks so I could hold onto my hat and sun glasses that were perched on my head.

The weather was fantastic with mild winds and sun all day. It's the first time we've all had our jackets off while we ride. The sun was really welcome when Keith hit a pot hole that caused his pannier to break and gave him a puncture. Fixing all that lost us about half an hour but we were soon back on track with more downhill stretches through Ambleside and Windemere. We finally found some flat land with a tail wind.

I then received a phone call from Sue from the bed and breakfast to let me know I had left something. There was no way I was cycling back for it so she kindly offered to send it in the post. We stopped in Carnforth so Keith could buy himself some new pannier's for the 2nd time in a week.

We soon arrived into Lancashire where we saw more friendly faces when we popped into see Dave and Judy in a village north of Lancaster where they made us some lunch. From Lancaster we only had 20 miles left to Preston where my Aunty and Uncle live. We popped into see them at 4:30 with just a mile or two left to the hotel in central Preston.

Good progress was made today with good weather. First puncture of the trip was for Keith. Not bad for day 7.

The weather forecast isn't looking so good for tomorrow, rain for the 100 or so miles to Shrewsbury.