May 23rd 2006 - Day05

Dumbarton - St John's Town of Dalry

Route - A713

Approximate Mileage - 88

Five days down, over 400 miles cycled, no punctures yet, (Steve is touching Keith head as we speak), 1 crash, (no damage I was going too slow to hurt myself or more importantly my bike), and two aching bum cheeks. Steve and Keith seen to be ok as far as aches and pains go, I however am struggling. My legs, bum and knees are really hurting.

We've done 88 miles today. The day started very early at 6 am and we set off on the dot. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky, it was quite windy, (and not a friendly wind either) and was really cold too. We wanted to cycle a while before we stopped for breakfast but thanks to a wrong turn we ended up doing 41 miles before we found somewhere to eat!

After breakfast it was time to put some layers on as it was freezing. It took us a while to pick up our route again but we finally got back on track. With just about 19 miles to go we hit the really bad head winds. We were hoping that those 19 miles would be over in an hour and half. An hour and a half later the heavens had opened and we still had 9 miles to go!

We reached a village and took cover in a post office with a pot of tea and a pasty. When we'd finished we decided to grin and bear it and face the last 9 miles. The wind was a fierce 20 mph plus and the rain was hurting our faces but we finally made it by 4, dripping wet and fighting for space to dry our clothes. Whoever thought this would be a good idea needs their head seeing to!

Another long day tomorrow but weather looks good, strong tail winds into England. The 400 is up. We might possibly get up to the 500 tomorrow, but it will probably be Thursday. Sorry for the lack of pics, too cold to stop today.