May 22nd 2006 - Day04

Fort William - Dumbarton

Route - A82

Approximate Mileage - 96

A long and hard day today, about 96 miles. We set off at 8.30 this morning at quite a quick pace. The big climb through Glen Coe was quickly on us. We were quite surprised as we were expecting it to be much steeper. The views were stunning, but still could not beat day 3. We had a long climb up Rannoch Moor to 1100 feet. When we were at the top it was freezing and quite windy but thankfully in the right direction for most of the way. We had now finished with our first map so had a photo call to show how far we'd come. Not sure if you can make it out in the picture.

My knee was becoming quite painful now, but I'm hoping it was only the cold that was making it hurt. Sore back sides seem to be the biggest complaint at the moment. Especially mine. It takes a couple of miles to settle into the saddle, so the less stops on the way the better.

The ride down Rannoch Moor was fantastic, we just wish it could have lasted all the way to Dumbarton. I was reaching speeds of up to 35 mph, Keith probably went faster since I was losing him in the distance. The day started to get frustrating when we realised that the map was out by about 6 miles or so, so our ride was going to be longer than first thought.

We stopped for lunch at a chippy in Tyndom part way on a descent. After we set off and had been going for about 15 min's I suddenly realised that I no longer had my money or bank card, so I had a enjoyable ride 3 miles or so back up the hill. The road along Loch Lomand was terrible, there were pot holes everywhere.

We finally made it to the hotel at just past 5pm. Steve has drawn the short straw tonight. He gets the pull out bed on the floor. The downside for him is that it is only 5 foot long and he is about 5ft 10.

Everyone has been stuffing their faces with sweets all night. Steve was the first to finish and even though he said "I feel sick", he still carried on eating. Well I am going to bed now. We are setting off at 6.30 so another early start. Enjoy the photos.