May 20th 2006 - Day02

Helmsdale - Inverness

Route - A9

Approximate Mileage - 75 miles

Short and sweet today. Excellent b&b last night. Nice big breakfast. Keith and I were struggling to finish ours which made a huge grin appear on the human dustbin Steve. So after pouring our leftovers onto Steve's plate and watching him eat it all we got ready and set off.

We were on our bikes by 8 which was bringing tears to my eyes because I was starting to feel like I'd been kicked between the legs, but I didn't I let the other two know about it. Keith left us not long after leaving Helmsdale. He wanted to get to Inverness early to get to a bike shop. Steve and myself pressed on and were making great time and didn't really want to stop.

The going was a lot easier than yesterday. There were still some hills but nowhere near as bad. We finally made a pit stop for a cup of tea at 12.30 with just 21 miles to go, by which time Keith had already arrived in Inverness and was at the cycle shop.

The ride out of Alness was harder than the rest of the day. It started with a car full of idiots who seemed to take offence to us cycling. We crossed an impressive looking bridge onto the Black Isle then had a 4 mile climb that never seemed to end. With about 7 miles to go steve opened his big gob and commented on the lack of rain in the last couple of days and 30 seconds later the heavens opened.

We finally landed at Inverness travel lodge by 3pm. Really good timing today and a decent amount of rest time ahead. Steve however feels that 75 miles in one day isn't enough exercise and at 4 o'clock he went off to the gym!

Well probably another early start tomorrow. A day we are all looking forward to, cycling along 3 Loch's including Loch Ness to Fort William.