Name : Joey Jansen

Born : 1984
Country : The Netherlands

Being a fanatic gamer all my life i decided to learn more about game development some years ago.

Since 2011 I officially started with game development and since then i have as much joy in developing games as i had in playing them.
My ambition is to make from this new passion my work.

In this portfolio you find information about my work.
Without having a long background in game development i mainly focused all my efforts on a game we named Project Ion.

As main developer from Project Ion i take up all aspects of game development.

Writing my own scripts, creating models, animations, sounds and much more.
For this project i also creating a lot of different assets i might release for commercial use in a later stadium.

Working every day on this project and progressing quite fast in the last year.
We use our website to document the progress on this project, find all news updates for this game in the news section.

Feel free to read more about Project Ion by selecting the tab or by visiting the official website.