Cobra's YS Flight Mods

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Cobra's Mod Pack
Mi-8T Hip Models: 2ch's GAC, Heavily modded by Cobra, markings by GAC
Su-7 Fitter (Yom Kippur) Egyptian Air Force: 2ch's GAC

F-16: CEP

ASK-21: 2ch's GAC

F-14_forMav: CEP

F6F_VF-9 Cat o Nines: Oranleed

Syrian AF MiG-23: CEP

F-5E "The Tigers": Oranleed

F-5E Camo: Oranleed

IL-76 Candid: 2ch's GAC

Maltese Air Force BN-2 Islander: model by Skipper, paint by Falkenwut,
                                                landing gears, control surfaces, and interior modded by Cobra

ATC Tower and GAF Tower: Model and paint by Cobra