Online Checkers

Online Checker Rankings - This list only includes well active players within the last year.  It is based on my personal opinion.

1. Alex "The Russian Bear" Moiseyev - Alex has been the most consistent dominant player in the online checker world.  He has had many crushing victories over the legendary Fredo.  At one point, he slaughtered me by pulling off over 30 consecutive wins without a loss.  The Russian Bear also has edged out Sergio is their multiple online battles.  Alex Moiseyev is one of the most experienced knowledgeable players the game has to offer.  He arguably has the best endgame in the business.  

2. Sergio Scarpetta - Sergio is a very close 2nd to Alex.  At some point soon in the future, he will clearly pass him.  He has a very broad amount of PP knowledge, but normally likes to go off the books in order to confuse opponents.  He has consistently topped Fredo in their head to head battles.  

3. Matteo "The Destroyer" Bernini - Matteo is arguably the most dangerous active player out there.  He has a vicious combination of terrific PP accuracy and very good crossboard if you try to go off PP against him.  Matteo has topped every active player in battle including Sergio and Alex.  However, unlike Sergio and Alex, Matteo will not play on any other time setting except 1 minute plus.  How Matteo would fair against these two in a slower timer such as 2/2 is remained a mystery.  Matteo has also avoided battles, even fast ones, against the great Fredo, perhaps fearing his terrific fast play.  Until Matteo can prove his dominance outside his comfort zone, he only can earn the number 3 spot. 

4. Michele Borghetti -  In terms of pure talent and crossboard ability, Miki may be the best that there is.  He normally crushes his opponents much like Matteo.  In their battle however, Matteo got the better of Miki, by a few games.  If Miki starts playing more on a consistent basis, he could very well take the number one spot. 

5. Alfredo Mercado - Fredo is one of the best natural players that the game has ever seen.  He has a remarkable ability to spot complicated shots in a span of seconds.  He is almost a purely crossboard player who very rarely ever plays pp, unless he absolutely has to.  While he is able to consistently beat players like Chee and myself pretty consistently, he can tend to struggle against some of the bigger guys such as Sergio and Alex. 

6. Clayton "The Beast" Nash - Clayton is more of a slow game player who relies on strategic play and brute force visualization to win his games, and he is very good at it.  He isn't quite at the level of the games very best like Sergio, Alex, Miki, etc., but with some more study and more practice in the upcoming years, he could very well get there. 

7. Chris - Chris is another great crossboard player.  Despite not knowing much PP, his crossboard ability makes him a very dangerous opponent.  He could possibly be higher on the list, but will not play anything except 1/0. 

8. Chee "The Investigator" Xiong - Chee claims not to study much PP, but he has a lot of experience with the game over the years, which makes up for his lack of PP knowledge.  Chee is especially a dangerous opponent on several lines which he knows well.  Some of these lines are quite tricky and he has even beat some of the games best with them.  He is famous for his Wilo Wisp line, which has been coined "Chee Wilo Wisp." 

9. Joe Moore - Myself and Chee are very close in skill level, though Chee has done a little better overall in this last year.  My success is based off my combination of book knowledge and strategic play.  I tend to do better in slower timers because it allows me to strategize and calculate more fully.  I am constantly improving and look to move up in the rankings in the future as I learn the game more. 

10. Lorne Wells - Lorne is getting better and better.  He is getting closer to the level of myself and Chee Xiong, but just isn't quite there yet.  Like many online players, he has great crossboard, but lacks PP knowledge on some of the more tougher lines.