Keyboard Blurbs  
  My ASUS laptop sports the blurb sticker on the keyboard.  No mention of the webcam.  "Clear and Powerful Sound" is a bit of a stretch.  So are the superlatives about the "Instant On" and "keeps Palm Rest Cool".  But I'm still quite happy with the machine. 
Ironically however, the laptop webcam on this machine is not mentioned.
  Still, the  image quality of the webcam image on my Asus i5 is superior than my Lenovo i7 whose blurb mentions it and is shown in the right image.  
 In fact the "HD Webcam" is nothing to write home about, and neither is the "Accutype keyboard".  The Sound is by far the best of any laptop I have ever used up to now in January 2018.  It was purchased in July 2013, so is nearly 5 years old.