Libre Office 5 is installed on my Mint OS laptop.  Like Microsoft Office, Libre Office offers to recover an unsaved file and I have used this facility. The difference with Libre Office is that I was opening a Writer document when I was greeted with the message that a spreadsheet file could be recovered.  Microsoft Word will always only offer to recover a Word document.  Libre Office has the edge here. A personal wish of mine in the Open Source software area is to see printed matter refer to Libre Office rather than Open Office as Open Office itself as a package seems to be turning into Abadonware of late.
One specialization of mine is filming of small things specifically on a low budget camera, like the one in the above logo.  The single most important factor in using such device is it's ability to film things up close, just 1 or 2 centimetres from the lens.  In fact, using a camera in such a low price range is taking a risk with regards to the outcome in video quality.  That is why one should purchase a couple of such cameras in this price category so you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket.  
  As far as my Epson WF 2010 printer is concerned, the Wifi printing works, but is very flaky to use this functionality in practice, and thus more traditional usb and network connectivity is employed in the mission critical context.  
  The dot on this page was gotten rid of by going into the html button and deleting the miscreant html code which turned out to be an orphaned bullet.