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Jörg Menche

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Principal Investigator
CeMM - Research Center for Molecular Medicine

Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 
Lazarettgasse 14, AKH BT 25.3
1090 Vienna, Austria

Email: JMenche@cemm.oeaw.ac.at
Phone: +43-1/40160-70 016
Fax: +43-1/40160-970 000


Research Interests: My research group works in the area of Network Medicine, an emerging interdisciplinary approach towards understanding human disease. The ever growing wealth of data, from individual genome sequencing to population wide health records, reflects the many levels of organization that play a role in disease phenomena, from protein-DNA interactions to signal transduction, from metabolism to social interactions implicated in disease transmission. In view of the complicated interactions within and across these levels, network science may provide invaluable tools to help disentangle this enormous complexity and understand disease phenomena in a holistic fashion.

Background: By training I am a theoretical and computational physicist. During my PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam (Germany) I specialized in network science and afterwards went to work with one of the world’s leading experts in this field, Albert-László Barabási at Northeastern University in Boston (USA). Collaborating closely with Joseph Loscalzo from Harvard Medical School and Marc Vidal from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, we tried to lay out the basic theoretical framework for how the interactome can be understood as a map to study human disease. I am now a principal investigator at CeMM in Vienna (Austria), starting to build my own research group in the area of systems- and network-medicine.