Joe Peel for Mayor 2011

Moving Elizabeth City Forward

A passionate believer in our city, Joe Peel wants to ensure that every citizen can be proud to reside in a safe and productive community.  Joe is a visionary leader who brings over forty years of public service to the office of mayor.

About Joe

Joe Peel would bring over 40 years of successful leadership experience and service in public education to the office of mayor. During his term as Superintendent of the Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools, he was a reformer who implemented innovative and effective strategies to increase the number of students performing at grade level. He successfully engaged the community and parents in goal setting and decision making. Under his leadership, the school system was rated the number one district in the state by then-governor Jim Hunt. Civic-minded and service-oriented, Joe is an active member of Christ Episcopal Church, ECHNA, Arts of the Albemarle and is a member of the Board of Trustees for COA.

Joe's Platform

public safety with an emphasis on eradicating gang-related crime

Restoring respect and civility to local government

  • Providing services and programs that serve youth
  • Creating incentives for businesses to remain in the city
  • Developing a local economic plan that builds on our assets
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