Joe & Rosemarie Shirk

130 7th Street, #12D

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Ariel view of Property, cabin, barn & house.

 The Indiana House                          

Life in Pittsburgh . . . . .

After retiring from Quaker Oats (Joe) and Marshall Field’s (Rosemarie), we moved to Southern Indiana and built or dream home on 11 acres of hardwood forest complete with an indoor swimming pool and a large pond and waterfalls between the house and the cabin.  Shortly after finishing the house and moving in, a neighbor notified us that he was planning on building a confined animal factory farm (CAFO) for 90,000 turkeys three times a year.

Needless to say, this was something we found unacceptable.  We fought this in environment court and stopped the farm.  Not wanting to live in an community which supported such practices .. we took our losses, sold the dream home and moved to Pittsburgh.

 In Pittsburgh we moved to Chatham Village Cooperative on Mt. Washington, overlooking the city.  We spend most days auditing Honors Classes at Pitt and taking Osher (55 and over) at both Pitt and CMU.  Being back in school has added a whole new dimension to our lives.

Pittsburgh was a big surprise to us -- a mini Chicago at a discounted price.  Great culture activities, Universities and Sports.  It was nice that we were able to share our lives with Rosemarie’s parents until their passing in 2007. 

 We recently moved to downtown Pittsburgh to the completely renovated Century Building in order to be both “closer to what Pittsburgh is..” and to have a puppy.  The building is a Leeds certified green - smoke free building with a green roof.  It is within blocks of all the culture venues of Pittsburgh. Our views include PNC Park, the Allegheny River and most of the major downtown landmarks.

The view from our green roof.                                               The Century Building behind Katz Plaza

The view from our green roof.                                                                     The Century Building behind Katz Plaza

View of 4th of July fireworks from our apartment.

Links to my watercoloring projects: Joe's Watercolors

(more to come.....)

Joseph Shirk,
Feb 22, 2009, 3:46 AM