New Age Hotel...Holy Grail...

fellow pyramid meditation and new age enthusiasts
 who would be interested in forming a co-operative
for a New Age Hotel

 in the Central Florida area 
near major attractions...

you will want to be a part of this because...
for the cost of a used car...

1-your investment will be tied in with prime real estate of a successful enterprise in a very desirable area of the world, and financially structured in such a way as to never fail

2-you are a new age junkie, and you drool at the prospect of using the amenities at your disposal here, a humongous crystal pyramid, float tanks, massage therapy, gymnasium...all state of the art... group meditations, acupuncture, and various classes for Yoga, QiGong etc...

3-the meditation mo jo that will accumulate here by virtue of continual group meditations over the years will create a powerful vortex of BAM! meditation

4-you are part of group of fellow enthusiasts which will enrich your life with new wonderful relationships

5-you may participate in the marketing of this project and earn a very good commission at settlement time

do you like so far?
then please read on!

By finding 
3333 willing participants, 
who are 
willing to invest $3,333.00 into this co-op
for a total capital fund 

of over eleven million dollars
less the marketing costs totaling 2.5  million, 
the remaining 8.5 million, which will then be used
 to buy an existing fully functional motel
of approximately 150 rooms 
where our co-op would then continue to operate it...


The marketing costs include:
1-a founder's fee 
of 2% of $3,333.00 being $66.00 which will be  deducted 
off of the total 
paid at time of settlement only.
2- To reward the work of finding fellow enthusiasts,
we will entitle the finder 
to a finder's fee of 20% of $3,333.00 
 $666.00 per person found 
also to be paid at time of settlement.

The time of settlement  
will be 
when we find all the needed 3,333 willing participants. 
we would all chip in to hire the needed attorneys and accountants for the purpose of creating the legal entity 
 establishing the trust fund,
 a trusted third party bank
 would make sure
 that the funds are used 
for their intended purpose. 

Then, at this time, the payment of $3,333.00 from each participant will finally be due and, any of the folks that you found,  if they follow through, will be credited to your account with $666.00 per taken from their payment.  

I will then hire on as the manager, find the suitable motel, buy it for cash, and then continue to manage the motel as is, while I implement the transformation  to New Age Hotel.
Also, the funds would be used to build a rather large crystal pyramid, where some twenty meditators would be able to meditate within comfortably
As well as,  offering floatation tanks, massage therapy, group meditation, yoga, QiGong classes and acupuncture treatments.


Interested new age people may join by printing out a copy of the NewAgeHotel webpages, signing and dating to the effect of pledging allegiance to the plan, and then emailing me a PDF copy for my files at

I am a NewAge Junkie and I pledge allegiance to the plan as laid out on this webpage. I promise that I am financially capable of handling the initial $3,333.00 buy-in cost as well as the quarterly assessments that may be incurred to cover operating deficits and amenities enhancements. I promise that I truly am excited to be in this plan. I promise to drop out without penalties to me if I lose interest in it by the time of settlement. 



Finders will include their name, address, signature and date on the page as well, so that they may be properly credited for turning them on to the plan.

I turned on above named NewAge Junkie to the plan as laid out on this webpage and I am entitled to a $666.00 finder's fee at the time of settlement if he decides to follow through with it.
I understand that the project will only get going when all 3333 NewAge Junkies have been found and any finder's fee that I have earned will be null and void if 3333 NewAge Junkies are not found.





No money will be needed until all the participants are found.

There is absolutely no obligation to follow through. People may back out without penalty at any time. We only want to have genuinely excited people who really relish the concept and who can afford it to be part of this.

In order to get on that list, you must be able to handle the initial investment of $3,333.00 without strain and then also be able to handle any operating deficits that the venture might incur at a 1/3333 share.

Also, the thought of being part of this project must excite you for New Age related reasons more than possible financial gain, otherwise please bypass this in favor of conventional investment opportunities...

This project will only get going if we find the required amount of people and will be totally self funded. 

There will be no debts to outsiders.
Any and all income will go towards operations and for maintenance, upkeep and upgrades.
please be a New Age Junkie...thank you

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