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you might be able to help me find 3,333 fellow meditation and pyramid enthusiasts who would be able and willing to chip in on a meditation retreat...a co-op where we all share the responsibility for ownership, maintenance and upgrades...and where we all enjoy the wonderful amenities that we love so much...

let me be your mentor for this wonderful opportunity...I hope that you join me  :)

My name is
 Joseph Morgese
109 Ogden Ave.
Daytona Beach Shores, Florida 32118

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I am seeking very special people like you who have read the concept on the NewAgeHotel web-blog and really like the concept...who love meditation and are very much excited at the prospect of joining this venture...who want to own a piece of the rock...who would indicate an interest to become a co-op member, indicate that you would like to buy a co-op share at settlement time and then proceed to find other like minded people who would also like to join...and for every other person that you find, you will receive as much as $666.00 per person at  settlement time.
I need 3333 members so I challenge you to find all 3333 of them and earn 
3333 X $666. = $2,219,778.00

the first step for you is to read the web-blog all the way through...
e-mail or call me with any questions...
please ask me anything

The next step would be to indicate your interest to join the co-op and then you may share the idea with others of similar interest who would also like to join, and for this, there is a 20% of the total co op share of $3,333.00 for a finder's reward, that is $666.00 just for finding others who love the concept enough to join just like you did...split at $600.00 to the finder...$60.00 to the finder's up-line and $6.00 to the next level up-line.

To indicate your interest, absolutely no upfront money is required. Just simply print out a complete copy of my web blog, sign and date to the effect of indicating your enthusiastic interest for the plan and prepare to pay the required sum of $3,333.33 only at settlement time. Then please send me a PDF file of the copies that I will keep in the file.

Your payment is totally conditional on your wanting to follow through at settlement time. You are under absolutely no obligation to follow through...you follow through and buy the share at settlement only if you really want to have this...in fact...it is a very big requirement...we don't want anyone on board who is ambivalent about NewAgeHotel...

So, once you've signed on, you can share this plan with others, find those very special unique people who really love the concept, and get them to join. To do so,  have them also print out a complete copy of my web blog, sign and date to the effect of indicating their enthusiastic interest for the plan  and promising to pay the required sum of $3,333.33 at settlement time and then also you may send me a PDF file of the copies that I will keep in the file.

Also, please include on it, your name and address, so that you may be properly credited for that find. The date you send me the file will be the date we go by for having the date is important because it is the defining factor to your claim for the finder's fee of $666.00, should it arise that two separate claims for the same person surface, then the earlier date that is filed to me will get the money.

Then, once all the needed 3333 co-op members have been rounded up, then and only then will every member be asked to chip in about $25.00 each in order to pay for the expense of hiring the required attorneys and accountants to form the co-op entity, and set up the trust fund that will hold all the funds collected...and then, only at this point will the $3,333.33 be collected from each member and deposited into the trust account...and
then, this is where you will get paid your $666.00 for each member that you found and signed up...
so let's get started :) help me find 3333 really excited, NewAge Junkies.

call me or email me
if you have any questions
thank you

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