Pictures and Translations from Monnara Iunnara

These pictures come from volume 10 and 11 of the 12 million-plus selling South Korean comic book series "Distant Country Neighboring Country (Monnara Iunnara or 먼나라 이웃나라).  You can find more information, plus a full translation of Volume 10 Chapter 8: One Must Know the Jews to See America, here.


Cars broadcast one's social status like the sound of a gong. "In particular the German BMW is the black American's 'dream car' and is a symbol of success."(page 218)

"In particular, America, feeling the effects of the financial world and the media in control of the Jews took sides with Israel and made the Arab powers into enemies." (Volume 11: American History, page 245)
"The war in Afghanistan began on the pretext that Osama Bin Laden was hiding there.  And the richest and greatest military power in the world wound up going to war with the world's poorest country."(Volume 11: American History, page 246)

"Most crime in America is committed not by ethnic people (literally 'colored people') but by a social class called 'White Trash'" (page 135)
"Even now [Blacks] can't overcome racism both visible and invisible" (page 182)

(Quoting Samuel Huntington's 2004 book "Who Are We") "The greatest crisis that modern America faces comes from the continually increasing influx of immigrants from Latin America." (wave is labeled "South American immigrants") (page 186)

(Speaking about the problem of unwed teenage mothers) "In particular, young Black girls present an even bigger problem when they have children in their teens"
Mother: If there was no government assistance we'd starve to death." (page 215)

". . . [We Koreans] can never surpass the wall of Jews in American society." (page 221)


". . .but the real group that controls America through money and media pressure is the Jews." (page 221)
"Wherever Puritanism gained power, a feast of greed commenced . . .
. . . the invisible principle character of that feast was definitely the Jew. Why?" (page 230)
"The Bank of England remained a private establishment until it was nationalized in 1946." (page 232)

"But it's not just England. All over Europe Jewish power, based on monetary power, began to get stronger." (page 232)
"The heart of world finance is New York." "So New York is where the greatest concentration of Jews in America are." "So 9.11 terror happened in New York." (page 236)
"It is not going too far to say, in a word, that the American press is a Jewish thing and that it's voice is the Jew's voice" (page 242)

". . . but the American financial world is completely dominated by the Jews.
(The meat is labeled 'American financial world')
Chef: 'What shall I cook this time?" (page 246)


"Newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, TV, telecommunications, and everything else are dominated by the Jews."
(Trumpets are labeled newspapers, broadcasters, communication, and magazines. The people are labeled "the masses")
Trumpeters: To the right!" (page 246)

(In response to the statement "Hollywood is controlled by the Jews.") "Boy, in that case how could America possibly be free from the Jews?" (page 246)

Other claims made by the book:

  • They control American finance and naturally the American economy controls the world economy. They twist the media to their own ends and control the world of politics. They pilot the U.S. government from behind the scenes and they even have world politics wrapped around their finger (좌지우지). They have a monopoly on Hollywood and paint a picture of the Jewish people as virtuous victims. They play the part of herald for the message that the Arabs and Muslims that they oppose are a barbarous and violent mass. (page 220)



  • Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo because he was 'hostile to Jews'.  Nathan Rothschild backed his opponents which led to his downfall. (page 233)


  • J.P. Morgan was a "servant" of the Rothschild family and their proxy in America. (page 236)


  • "Finally [the Jews] succeeded in creating the Federal Reserve System, which regulates the American currency supply. Just as in England, the Jews secured top seats and grabbed the right to print money." (page 236)


  • "There is ongoing dispute about whether or not he was a Jew but the matter is not clear. But the reason he is mistaken for a Jew is that his enterprise technique was exactly the same as the Jews. His number one business rule was to destroy the competition. He used intrigue, tricks, threat, menace, and naturally he mobilized industrial spies to steal information from his competition. He used bribery, violence, and to top it all he didn't hesitate to sabotage companies." (page 240)


  • "[O]il, the most important thing in the world, was controlled completely by Rockefeller and the Jews. So if Rockefeller was a Jew, the whole world's oil was in the palm of the Jews' hand." (page 241)


  • "Jews don't just control the finance and movie industry. In the modern world the all-too-important press is totally controlled by the Jews." (page 242)


  • "Why would America start wars with poor countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, setting up their moral duty as the eradication of WMDs and the War on Terror? Because the real power that moves America is the Jews."(page 247)