Fiction that Granta calls "surreal and compelling," my stories have also received praise from The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Story, BOMB, Fence, Ploughshares, Conjunctions, One Story, and many other literary publications.

Short fiction from 2016-2018. 
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        A novel.

Aiden Jowdorsky is a struggling writer in his early thirties whose wife has mysteriously disappeared. Through chance encounters, Aiden meets a young ingénue, Meg Wallace, who resembles his wife. However, this woman claims to be the daughter of Paul Auster Wallace: a postmodern author dead by suicide following the completion of his final masterwork.

During their unusual meeting, Meg slips Aiden the only copy of her father’s posthumous novel. Suddenly Meg is gone, only to reappear within Wallace’s book alongside Aiden as he reads along.

In the shadows lurks avant-garde filmmaker David Pynchon, hunting Meg and Aiden and hoping to adapt Wallace’s novel into a cinema of Armageddic proportions.

Xuicutil is at once a literary portal into the mysteries of love and loss, and an absurdist inquiry on the limitations of language.


Short fiction from 2001-2012.


A novel.

Until only recently, Vera Luria was one of many jaded art professors in the quaint town of Orange Grove, teaching Performance and English at Tesseract College of Liberal Studies. But she’s since found her world turned catastrophically upsidedown with the resurgence of her deceased grandfather, neuroanatomist A.R. Luria – (whose urn has mysteriously disappeared), ongoing cataclysmic problems with her precocious adopted son, “Andros,” and the reception of ominous messages (delivered by a strange-faced deviance known only as The Man With Broken Teeth) concerning an aborted fetus reportedly in her lineage… a fetus that contains a “dictating Central Nervous System anomaly” within its preformed skull, and is also now missing. 

Plus a migraine-producing garbage disposal that’s really splitting her apart...  

A novel about the creation of art, and the creation of itself as a questionable piece of reality – the discoveries of Orange Grove’s art school inhabitants expose reality to be, just as questionably, a piece of fiction.

Endlessly inverting, Orange Grove in the Nightmare will literally create itself inside your head. 



Six stories. Dysfunctional relationships in proximity. 

Three stories:

1. Perversion

2. Insanity

3. Cancer

15 short poems.