Migration patterns of Mule deer

Rocky Mountain Mule deer are mainly located on the west side on the United states and Canada. More and more White tails are moving into mule deer territory. On our place we have seen white tail bucks running with mule deer bucks. Many people think that eventually, the white tails will run the mule deer off and take over. I was always told to shoot spikes because they don't produce horn, and to let forked horns live so they can grow big. During hunting season, big bucks are hard to find because they are smart and hide pretty well. They like to hide in the thick brush or in the crack of a rocky canyon. Here is a map of mule deer migration patterns and where they like to travel and stay. The green means summer range, where mule deer migrate and live here during the summer. The blue means that it is limited range, meaning that only small scattered populations of mule deer migrate or live here. The light blue means that this is year round living for mule deer, they can live here without having to worry about limited amount of food, water, and shelter. The purple means winter range, where mule deer spend the winter. The yellow means that  it is other important range for mule deer to migrate and travel. The red is the winter concentration range, where deer range is very dense and full of deer.