Build A PC

Three Systems: Budget, Value, and Performance 

Budget System

Case: Codegen 6209
  Format: ATX
  Power Supply: 300w

  Auxiliary Ports: FireWire, USB, audio in/out
  Price $32 

A nice, roomy, ATX case with good ventilation.  A single thumb screw holds access panels on both sides.  I don't want anything less than an ATX case, which would limit future choices.  This one has a large power supply and plenty of potential for future expansion.  Filters on all of the air inputs is a nice feature.

Value System

Case: COOLER MASTER Centurion 541

  Format: Micro ATX

  Price: $49.99

A well ventilated case that you can modify without using any tools.  I like the mesh on the face of the case.  It comes without a power supply, so I can select one that is a little nicer than what would normally come with a case.

Performance System

Case:  iTower 930

  Format: ATX

  Price: $149.99

 A well ventilated, beautifully engineered case that you can modify without using any tools.  Handles hot swapable hard drives.