Aesthesia is at once a state of sensibility, a cult of beauty, an individual and social idealism, and a progressive vision of civilization. 

In essence, Aesthesia affirms the primary human value of beauty before the secondary convenience of utility, remembering that it is only the original individual and personal nature of man, his and her spirituality and sensuality, that actually may enjoy, and therefore must judge, the potential advantages of any practicality, machinery, or technology. Insofar as we can establish the essential ends of existence, we easily have the means to improve our world accordingly, and free it aesthetically, as well as ecologically, from he depredations of utilitarian commodity and conformity.

As a cultural movement, Aesthesia aspires to communicate the purposefulness of beauty to everyone, everywhere, through principles and ideals—from poetry and personality to legislation and celebration—with the ultimate goal of making the world more joyful though making it more beautiful. Beginning with some seminal literature and social events (namely Aesthesiads), we hope to eventually arouse enough interest to establish a center dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of aesthetic values. We encourage any contribution to the cause, active, productive and creative, and we welcome correspondence. 

(Call in or send us your address to receive additional manifestos or any further communications, as well as invitations to coming Aesthesiads; and please let us know of any other cultural events that will entertain, enlighten, and help spread the Aesthesian spirit. —Or just get up and come to visit us—no advance notice necessary—and see how we live in our little utopian sanctuary, our current incarnation of Aesthesia.)