Joel Schlemowitz

"78rpm" is a documentary on the gramophone, including its early history and its contemporary authorities, collectors, and
enthusiasts, with much exquisite vintage music and many appearances by connoisseurs the old-time milieu.

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Good karma and a thank you email.

A one of a kind HAND-MADE "THANK YOU" POSTCARD from the director sent to you.

The above (thank you postcard) plus an AUDIO CD OF 1920S FOXTROTS, recorded from the horn of a Victor Talking Machine from the director's 78 collection.

33-1/3rpm!  All of the above (thank you postcard, CD) plus a newly remastered DVD THE SHORT FILM "VICTROLA CINEMA" (2010, 16mm, 3 min. Created as part of the Residency Unlimited: Special Features: a "performance/installation/production facility" event at Kumukumu Gallery, New York, NY, in 2010.)

45rpm!  All of the above (thank you postcard, CD, "Victrola Cinema" DVD) plus a DVD OF THE FINISHED FILM (you'll receive your copy of "78rpm" at the time of the film's completion and be one of the first people to see it).

78rpm!!  All of the above (thank you postcard, CD, DVDs) plus a black & white copy of the 78RPM MOVIE POSTER SIGNED BY DAME DARCY (measuring 16X20 inches and printed in b&w using an Epson 9800 with K3 archival ink), available for pickup in NYC or sent to you in the mail, and a LISTING OF YOUR NAME IN THE SPECIAL THANKS SECTION OF THE MOVIE CREDITS!

The same as $78, but with the Dame Darcy poster in color. 

All of the above (thank you postcard, CD, DVDs, signed poster, special thanks in the credits) plus a PRIVATE 78 RECORD LISTENING SESSION OF SOME CHOICE SIDES WITH THE DIRECTOR, either at your NYC-area location or the director’s place in Brooklyn.

All of the above (thank you postcard, CD, DVDs, special thanks in the credits, signed poster, 78 listening session) plus an ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY JOEL SCHLEMOWITZ

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