"Are there Carbon Savings from US Biofuel Policies? The Critical Importance of Accounting for Leakage in Land and Fuel Markets" (with Antonio M. Bento and Richard Klotz).  2015. The Energy Journal, 36(3): 75-109.  Supplementary Appendix.  Executive Summary.

Papers Under Review

"On the Trade-Offs of Regulating Multiple Unpriced Externalities with a Single Instrument: Evidence from Biofuel Policies" (with Antonio M. Bento).  Supplementary Appendix.  Last updated November 2016.

"Does Titling Matter? Evidence from Housing Markets in India" (with Antonio M. Bento and Somik Lall). Supplementary AppendixLast updated September 2016.

"Marginal Emissions from Expansions in Clean Technology are Non-constant and Policy Dependent—Implications for Mitigation Pledges(with Richard Klotz and Antonio M. Bento). Supplementary AppendixLast updated January 2017.

Working Papers

"How Disagreement Regarding Climate Change Affects Federal and State Efforts to Address It"  Job market paper.  Supplementary Appendix.

Works in Progress

"Who’s Ready to Trade? The Welfare Implications of Voluntary Emissions Trading Within Regional Electricity Markets" (with An Pham).

"Linking Housing and Automobile Purchase Decisions: Do Housing Supply Regulations Promote Green Cities?" (with Antonio M. Bento, Sanket Roy, and Edson Severnini).

"Overlapping Regulatory Authorities: Strategic State Compliance With the Clean Power Plan Within Wholesale Electricity Markets" (with Chiara Lo Prete).

"A Political Economy Analysis of the Best System of Emissions Reductions Under the Clean Power Plan" (with Joseph Perla).

"Should We Tax or Subsidize E-Cigarettes? Identifying the Optimal Price Instrument In the Presence of Dynamic Health Trade-offs" (with Kyle Rozema).

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