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Working Papers

"Evaluating the Economic and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Benefits of Pennsylvania’s Decision to Join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative" (with An Pham, Mingsong Chen, and Seamus Gibbons).

"Who’s Ready to Trade? The Welfare Implications of Voluntary Emissions Trading Within Regional Electricity Markets" (with An Pham).

"Policy Instruments for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation and Countries' Preferred Social Cost of Carbon".

"Should We Tax or Subsidize E-Cigarettes? Identifying the Optimal Price Instrument In the Presence of Dynamic Health Trade-offs" (with Kyle Rozema

"How do Federal Bureaucracies Balance Efficiency, Distributional, and Political Considerations When Creating New Regulations?" (with Joseph Perla).

Works in Progress

"Linking Housing and Automobile Purchase Decisions: Do Housing Supply Regulations Promote Green Cities?" (with Antonio M. Bento, Sanket Roy, and Edson Severnini).

"The Unintended Congestion Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impacts of Solar Policies in California" (with Andrew R. Waxman and An Pham)

"Decentralized Policymaking when States can form Coalitions: How Does California’s Waiver Authority Affect Environmental Outcomes?" (with Antonio M. Bento and Daniel T. Kaffine).
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