Joel Matthew Rees
Summary Résumé

ジョエル マシュー リース
10 March 2017, Amagasaki, Japan
尼崎市 2017年 3月 10日
    Life Objectives
  • Finish my first novel.
  • Reinvent the entire computer and information processing industries on free and open technologies.
  • Keep teaching English to support my family.
  • Build an emulator for the 6809 and extend it to 32 bit capabilities.
    Vocational Experience
  • about 10 years in the Japanese computer industry, including
    • network security infrastructure (digital signatures, access control)
    • various database applications, include SQL and XML technologies
    • web applications, including database and user interface
    • CAD utilities and applications
    • multimedia and CAE applications
  • about 13 years teaching in Japan, including 
    • English in both public school and private lesson settings
    • computer technical subjects (in parallel with a programming job)
  • translation, both Japanese to English and English to Japanese
  • electronics assembly, test, and repair in the US
  • hardware-level programming in the US
  • driving delivery in the US
notes on my résumé
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