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Email: jkralj {@} fas.harvard [dot] edu

I am currently a postdoc in the lab of Dr. Adam Cohen at Harvard University in the chemistry department.  I work on two projects, both using photoactive proteins (microbial rhodopsins): to learn how the protein works, and to learn how our brains works.  Along the way I've worked with E. coli, and more recently with human iPS derived cardiomyocytes.  I did my graduate work with Dr. Kenneth Rothschild in the physics department at Boston University.  There I was again focused on determining the molecular workings of microbial rhodopsin proteins.  As one can expect, I spend most of my waking hours in lab, but on occasion I try to have hobbies also.  Cooking, running, guitar, frisbee; just a few of the ways I could fill my time if I had free time...